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Welcome to TV Toys and Sounds

Here you can find toys and soundclips from television's greatest shows. We've got western toys, music toys, and even a few board games, so enjoy.

TV Toys

"The Rifleman" on his plastic horse:
A toy replica of the gun used on "The Rifleman" :
A close-up of the gun:
The toy gun's original box:
"The Rifleman" on his plastic horse:
"The Rifleman" with the box:
The Toys Page (under construction):

Sounds from the TV show "The Rifleman"

Rifleman 1:
Rifleman 2:
Rifleman 3:
Rifleman 4:
Rifleman 5:
Rifleman 6:
Rifleman 7:
Rifleman 8:
Rifleman 9:

Misc. TV photos

A photo from the TV show "Arrest And Trial":
A book from the TV show "The Rifleman":
A photo from the TV show "Branded":
A comic from "The Rifleman":
The gravesite of actor Chuck Connors:
An autographed photo of actor Johnny Crawford:
Actor Chuck Connors with his family:
A close-up of the gun used on "The Rifleman":
The inside header of a "Rifleman" comic:
A photo of Chuck Connors from a biography on his life:
magazine cover featuring "The Rifleman":
Chuck Connors sitting on his horse:
Chuck Connors with his television son Johnny Crawford:
Chuck Connors with his wife: